The Road to Independence is in Fashion


Tan wearing Speakeasy Travel Co.’s travel scarf brings him new independence.

Of all the things you think of when making a decision about purchasing a car your choice of fashion usually isn’t one of them. It wasn’t one of ours either, initially, but as we continued discussing Tan’s independence and future driving, we tried to think of every possible hiccup, and an add for ABLE Denim’s new line of accessible jeans for wheelchair users now sold at Walmart brought up a sudden question–where was Tan going to keep his wallet? 
ABLE Denim jeans are a great design for wheelchair users. The pockets are relocated to the sides of the jeans along the leg allowing wheelchair users to get to the pockets they are now sitting on all the time. Still, Tan’s lack of dexterity and grip makes grabbing anything from a pocket pretty difficult.  Then we saw the Speakeasy Travel Supply Co. Hidden Pocket Scarf.

As the name implies, it is a travel scarf with a hidden pocket sewn inside, perfect for hiding all your best travel contraband–money, passport, identification, flask, etc.  It keeps your important stuff close to your heart and in easy reach, perfect for a wheelchair user. 

The scarf is the creation of Beth and Randy, travel photoblogger extraordinaire of After reaching out to Beth on Facebook she made the beautiful scarf you see Tan wearing in the photo above. Made of soft, lightweight fabric, Beth really took into consideration using materials that were soft against Tan’s skin to prevent irritation, and were comfortable to wear in Florida’s humid heat of summer and chilly wet winters. The craftsmanship that goes into each of these handmade scarfs is beautiful. The pocket is easily hidden when not needed and just as easily in reach when it is. There is also a considerable amount of room in the pocket. Wearing this scarf was the first time in 17-years, since Tan’s injury, that carried his own wallet. It’s a small bit of independence but it’s a critical one. 

From the time we get our Learner’s permit, carrying our own identification is a rite of passage, a marker of our place in this world as individuals. Seems so silly that this little piece of plastic with our picture on it means so much, and it’s something we take so easily for granted.  Now Tan gets to also once again. 

We highly recommend checking out Beth and Randy’s travel blog. They visit some amazing, off the beaten path places and take beautiful images of their travels. We also highly recommend supporting these two small business owners by purchasing one of their Speakeasy hidden pocket scarves. 

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog listing our must have safety items for a driver/passenger with a disability to keep in the car.  


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