It’s all about the Love

Help the Help A Quad Out Project raise money, spread its mission, AND be a part of a really cool family of supporters!

Back in February we told you we were looking into more great ways to raise funds that you, our supporters, would enjoy being a part of. One of those ideas was to team up with disability advocates 3E Love to create a unique HQO Project line of apparel.

3E Love is a great social entrepreneurial experiment whose mission was to go forth and change the perception of disability. Eight years later and their unique wheelchair heart symbol has become an icon of acceptance and inclusion recognized internationally. There’s is a great story and from the beginning of our creating the HQO Project we knew that at some point in our journey 3E Love was a movement that we in some way wanted to connect with. And now we’ve found our way.

3E Love is a full-service custom apparel company, producing apparel that combines your message, name, or idea with their own wheelchair heart icon, or their designers can create or print a custom idea of your own!

The company also helps set up a fundraiser for your campaign with a landing page and order forms for supporters to purchase their choice of supporting apparel, and a portion of those proceeds go towards your campaign. The fundraiser runs for a limited time, roughly 3-5 weeks. It’s a great campaign that supports the cause and continues to promote change in perceptions of disability.

But, how to decide on a design!?

It’s taken some time but we’ve narrowed it down to these two rough ideas.

Potential t-shirt designs with 3e Love for HQO Project.

Potential t-shirt designs with 3e Love for HQO Project.

We only get to choose one design for the campaign at this time. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and Instagram account @quadout for an opportunity to cast your vote for your favorite t-shirt design. Once the design has been chosen, 3E Love will create a proof and begin working with the Project to set up the t-shirt fundraising campaign. Supporters will be able to purchase their chosen designer apparel from the website and from paper order forms. If you would like to be a brand ambassador and help sell HQO Project apparel using the paper forms we’ll put up instructions soon on how you can help.

Keep sharing the Help A Quad Out Project mission. You can support us with a donation at or share us with your friends on Facebook and Instagram via the links here on our blog.

When next we speak I’ll tell you about the interesting little sweet spot we seem to have found ourselves in Tan’s medical care, and a little about the potential for upcoming physical therapy.


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