10 Ways You Can Help the hQo Project


#GivingTuesday is a day of national giving that celebrates and encourages charitable activities.

As the Help a Quad Out Project continues in its goal to raise $60,000 for the purchase of a handi-accessible van for Panama City local Tan Nguyen, there are many ways that you can help. We often assume the obvious, that it’s a cause to raise money and therefore the help the cause needs is, well, money! But there’s more to a cause than just raising funds.

We talk a lot about the power of the all-mighty $1, and there’s truth in that. Almost three years ago, in just seven days, with the help of friends and family tirelessly spreading the news, Tan was able to raise 60,000 votes for his video submission in NMEDA’s first annual Local Heroes contest in the hopes of winning a wheelchair van. If those votes translated into just $1 per vote, it shows just how very possible raising $60,000 is.

But raising money is a different beast than simply convincing people to click a button. It takes more effort. It takes a community of supporters. It’s easy to share a link and ask your friends to click “Vote” because we inherently think that a simple click costs nothing to us but makes a difference to someone else. Asking someone to donate money, though, is a different story. By giving someone money, no matter the amount, you are making an investement–an investment in that person, an investment in that cause, and investment in a future. There’s weight in that action, both in your part as a donor and in our part as the recipient. Aside from the obvious–that your money is going towards the purchase of a wheelchair van–there is also a promise that your investing in, and that is our mission. Our promise is that Tan’s need for this van is so that he can work and support his family, that he can contribute to his community, and that he continues his advocacy for others like him.  That is what you are investing your money in when you make a donation.

Showing your support in the Help a Quad Out Project also shows others around you that they are investing their time and money in a worthy cause. Here are just a few ideas that you can do to support the hQo Project:

  1. Donate to www.gofundme.com/HelpAQuadOut
  2. Become a sponsor of the cause! Email this Sponsor letter to your network of contactshttps://db.tt/E6NM27VB.
  3. Extra change from your pocket. Put spare change from your purse, wallet, or pocket each day into a jar. When the jar is full, simply cash it in and make a donation to the above GoFundMe page. Every penny counts!
  4. Answering machine message. Change the message on your cell phone to mention your support for the hQo Project and how they too can help (don’t forget to give them our GoFundMe URL!)
  5. Return Address Labels. An oldie but a goodie. Simply create a batch of return mailing labels to include “I support the hQo Project: www.gofundme.com/HelpAQuadOut.”
  6. Signature Line. Change the signature line of your email to mention your support for the hQo Project and how they can get involved too.
  7. Share the Ride. Tell others our story! The more you talk about the cause, our journey, and ways they can help, the more people will share in our journey.
  8. Pledge. Give a little over time. Go to the hQo Project GoFundMe page and click the Donate button, Enter your pledge amount, then choose the Donate Monthly check box.
  9. Matching Gifts. If you work for a great company that does charitable work, consider asking them if they will participate in matching the gift of donations you and your fellow coworkers raise.
  10. Events. Have a trade, skill, or talent you can share. Some time you can volunteer. Participate in one of the hQo Project events or hold one of your own! Contact hQo Project to help you plan one today.

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