Our first planned fundraising event of the campaign, PHO’ndraiser, is a cultural experience of home cooked flavors bringing together community and friends for the hQo project. Tallahassee’s premier Asian-fusion cuisine restaurant, Tasty Eats Beer Garden, nestled inside the funky artists community Railroad Square Art Park and housed inside the park’s only caboose, is sponsoring the PHO’ndraiser, helping to raise donations and awareness for Tan’s cause.

The event is taking place Sunday February 23rd, 12noon-6:00pm. The PHO’ndraiser is an all-you-can-eat Pho smorgasbord for just $15! Don’t think you have the stomach for enough bowls to have you waddling out of the park? Single serving bowls of Pho can be bought for $10. All proceeds will be donated to the Help a Quad Out Project.

As a special bonus, Tasty Eats will be giving away a free “Pho me” t-shirt designed by Tan for the Best Pho-pun!

Check out the PHO’ndraiser event page at

And check out our gallery below to see who’s been supporting the event!


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